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Daniel Garcia

Is there a video of this talk somewhere ? I would love to hear it.


Bravo and here, here!

Thank you. That was inspirational.

I'm presently really pushing forward in my own making (electro-mechanical and microcontrollers etc) because for FAR too long it has been largely suppressed. Sometimes I feel quite guilty, like the time I am taking is being stolen from productive money making endeavors and family, but I know there will be benefit in the longer term - plus deep satisfaction for me now!

I hope to soon start tutoring youngsters in making, learning, inventing - much like I presently teach drums. I really appreciate your musical analogies! When you talk about failures in making, that's just the same as a novice musician play wrong notes and sounding, let's say 'rough'. With time and effort that same musician will create beautiful, creative music that might be enjoyed by many.

Thank you. I hope the video does get posted some time.



No video is up yet. It's a short talk from the TED-U part of TED2010, so I'm not sure how good a chance there is of it making it onto themain TED page. We'll see. If it gets posted, I'll be sure to mention it on the blog.


A nonprofit out of L.A. that is trying to inspire kids via a hands on approach to science and engineering: http://www.iridescentlearning.org/.


Thanks for the link. Irridescent is a great example of the type of programs that are working hard to familiarize kids with the tangible world!

Susan Graham

Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.Have a nice time ahead.

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